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Thank you for taking interest in working with Indiana Healthcare Services. Please fill out the below.

Because of the nature of the work for which you are applying, this post is exempt from the provisions of Section 4.2 of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exemption Order 1957). Applicants are therefor, not entitled to withhold information about convictions which for other purposes are 'spent' under the dismissal or disciplinary action. Any information given will be completely confidential and will be considered only in relation to an application for positions in which the Order applies, and should be entered at the end of any particulars you give in support of your application. A copy of our written policies are available upon request. A criminal record will not necessarily be a bar to obtaining a position.

IHS Ltdcomplies fully with the Code of Practice, issued by the Department of Justice, in connection with the use of information provided to registered persons, their nominees and other recipients of information by Access NI under Part V of the Police Act 1997, for the purposes of assessing Applicants suitability for employment purposes, voluntary positions, licensing and other relevant purposes. We undertake to treat all applicants for positions fairly and do not discriminate unfairly or unlawfully against the subject of a disclosure on the basis of conviction or other information revealed. A full copy of the MPA's policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders is available on request.

I confirm that the information I have provided in support of this application is complete and true and understand that knowingly to make false statement could be a criminal offence.

I consent to Indiana Healthcare Services checking details I have provided in support of this application against the various data sources inorder to verify my identity and process this application. These details may be recorded and used to assist other organisations, such as : Access NI, NMC, POCVA team, NISCC, etc.

I confirm that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this form to be true and correct.

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my professional indemnity insurance is current at all times.

I hereby understand that it is my responsibility to adhere to Indiana Healthcare Services' policies and procedures.

By going to the next page you're agreeing with this.

The Regulations say that on average you should not be askedto work more than 48 hours in each week, taken over a 17 week period.

By signing this Opt-Out Agreement, you will givev yourself the power to decide how many hours per week you want to work. It gives you the right to plan your working week however you may wish.

You are under no obligation to sign this form.

The Opt-Out Agreement is made under the provisions of the Working Time Directive (WTD) 1998 and such as forms part of your Contract of Employment with IHS Ltd.

The WTD regulations ensure that the worker shall not work in excess of a 48 hour week, averaged over 17 weeks, unless they have agreed in advanced to do so.

With effect from the 17th December 1999, workers who sign an individual 48 Hour Opt-Out Agreement, need not have their working hours recorded for monitoring purposes.

Any worker that wishes to withdraw their Agreement to an existing 'Opt-Out' may do so after giving the appropriate notice to their employer.

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For On Call Services call: 01752 418014

Michaela has been working in the health industry for 11 years. Michaela has managed services ranging from domiciliary, residential, supported living, sheltered accommodation and many more. MichaelaStarted in the industry as a community carer and has worked her way to manage many services. Michaelaholds a level 3 & 5 Diploma in health and social care and is now working towards a level 7 in leadership and management. Michaela is part of the dementia friends, is a mental health & wellbeing champion and now working towards becoming a mental health champion. Michaela holds over 30 training certificates in many areas of health & social care and has worked very hard to be where she is now.

Sara has also worked in and within the care sector over the last 25 years as a senior healthcare assistant running and managing shifts and also as a Manager. Sara is waiting to have her NVQ 5 signed off once completed. Sara also is qualified as a Manual Handling and First Aid Trainer and currently is training all Indiana staff to make sure they are up to date and compliant to work safely and correctly.

Tendai and Adelaide are co-directors for Indiana Healthcare Services. Tendai opens the line of communication between clients, customers and businesses to ensure your home has quality carers at.